It's that time again. My birthday is right around the corner. Every year I try to help those in need instead of receiving gifts from my students. This year I would like to Donate to the Cancer Center at DRMC. Most of you don't know that my older brother is a survivor of Leukemia so this donation and event is something near and dear to my heart and hits home for myself and 

Mr. Richard. We will be collecting donations from September 1st through October 31st. All proceeds will go to DRMC Cancer Center with a card from our studio. We ask for donations $5 and up but anything is appreciated. We will place a donation container on the homework table in the back of the studio. 

We thank you for helping us make a difference in our community and someone's life who may need the help. Our goal for each month will be $1000.00!!! I know we can reach this. So let's go!!! 

 Thanks again for making this happen everyone.